Actress’ husband tells marriage critics to mind their business

Kayode Salako, the husband of Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola, has told those out to destroy his marriage to stay out of his business.

In an interview with Punch News, Salako lashed out at his critics who reportedly inform his wife whenever he is sighted with another woman.

He said his detractors, who are mostly men, will never achieve their goal, which is to destroy his marriage with the actress.

“The truth is that all these people that want our marriage to crash are not strong enough because I married my best friend.

“Our marriage is stronger than whatever plans they have for us. What baffles me more is that it is men that are praying for us to have a crisis.

“If it were to be women, I would understand because women are known to like to gossip but it is the men that are responsible for this.

“It makes me ask what they are up to; what is their interest? I was having a business meeting with a lady and I noticed another guy was also at the same venue with a lady as well.

“The guy actually picked up his phone to text my wife that I was with a lady at a restaurant. I am 45 years old, if anyone thinks that my life revolves around my wife alone, then they should have a re-think.

“No man in life can prosper without associating with women and that is why God created Adam and Eve.

“I cannot stop socialising with women because I am married to Foluke Daramola but that does not mean that I want to send her out of my house or I want to marry more wives.

“As human beings, you have to interact with both men and women. Has anyone ever seen a church or mosque that is solely built for men?

“It simply means that we all need ourselves. People should mind their business and stop trying to destroy my marriage.”

Salako, who is currently in his second marriage insisted that his outburst is not aimed at defending himself following the allegations of promiscuity.

According to him, he loves his wife dearly and will never bring up any issue related to their union on social media.



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