Aisha Buhari seeks support for malnourished children

The Wife of the President has called on Nigerians to join her Future Assured Project, to cater for malnourished children in the North-east. Mrs Aisha Buhari’s call came as the plight of malnourished children in the area increases.

By such collaboration, she said more children would be reached across Nigeria.

“Actually Get involved is a component of Future Assured, my pet project for now. We decided to pick it up and launch it to make Nigerians know the magnitude of malnutrition and also to call on well-meaning Nigerians to come to the aid of those who are suffering from it,” Mrs Buhari stated.

According to her, Malnutrition is not a new thing in Nigeria but it is quite alarming now because of insurgency.

“You know all the women and children that were rescued have all been malnourished maybe due to the cut-off of the supply of foods and amenities to the insurgencies so they were not fed for a while and by the time they are rescued you will definitely see the signs of suffering in them and some are suffering from acquired severe malnutrition,” the President’s wife explained.

Get Involved Initiative

Mrs Buhari said that she decided to launch the Get Involved Initiative, to help those suffering from the moderate level of malnutrition and also to prevent the healthy ones from falling into the category of the malnourished while those severely or acutely malnourished could be treated with ready to use therapeutic food imported into the country.

“So we love to use this opportunity to encourage people to join us, maybe as time goes on, the foundation will be able to create a nutritional plan to generally solve the problem of malnutrition… We have a nutritional plan but with the recent development and the level of malnutrition, that is why we decided to get involved in helping the malnourished mothers and children,’’ the President’s wife emphasised.

Mrs Buhari further said that she was impressed with the people’s involvement in the initiative and hoped to expand the coverage to reach children in other parts of the country.

“We are praying that what we get at the end of the launching will cater for all the children suffering from malnutrition but the main focus now is Borno, Yobe, a part of Adamawa and then any other state,’’ she stressed.

On the rate of Child and Maternal Mortality, Mrs Buhari said that she was partnering with other government agencies to reduce the figure.

“We are doing what we could at our own level. The ‘Future Assured’ started screening free of charge for people to know their health status. We are working in partnership with the Primary Health Care Centers in local governments and states. There must be at least one accessible and functional primary health care centre in a local government. I have launched health care centres in Jigawa and Cross River States, I am trying to do more in all the states.

“Also the governor’s wives are the backbone of my project. They are so supportive and I am thankful to God for the type of team that I have. They are committed, dedicated and supportive ladies,” the President’s wife explained.

Mrs added that the well-being of Nigerian women and children remain her priority.



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