Almighty Senate

The latest episode in the dramatic sessions of the federal legislative houses, the Senate in particular, involves two needless issues that leave the Senate open to suspicion. Whether it is…

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Fani leads ‘em to Kigali

Femi Fani-Kayode is strutting to Kigali.  Yet, the Yoruba nation — at least its media-savvy denizens — barge along, too angry, it appears, to remember their essence. When did the…

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Ali versus uniform

If you have stood close to Hameed Ali, you will see two things that collide. The air of an aristocrat and the mien of an army officer. In between, you…

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Ife Crisis: Unity or justice? by Ropo Sekoni

It is therefore misleading for anybody, especially police investigators of crime, to resort to pontificating about unity, instead of addressing the matter of fairness of investigation. I had lived in…

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The insect that heals by Femi Abbas

Preamble It cannot be strange to anybody who is well familiar with the Qur’anic contents that there are 114 chapters in that sacred book. Out of these, six chapters are…

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El-Rufai and State of the Union

By virtue of his relationship with President Muhammadu Buhari, Kaduna State Governor  Nasir El-Rufai has unfettered access to the seat of power in Aso Rock. So, barring any problems, he can…

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The sad news of the man who ran out of his car and jumped into the Lagos lagoon has been all over the internet. It’s an unfortunate incident but one…

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International Day of Happiness: Let’s take action for a Happier World

The United Nations must be seriously unashamed not to have noticed that this year International day of happiness should have been postponed until further notice. What happiness are we celebrating…

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Ambode’s cultural logic

Well-rounded governance is an expression of well-rounded thinking. In a striking demonstration of the possibilities of political governance, Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode continues to raise the bar for cultural…

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What are we doing to support girls?

I recently stumbled on an inspiring article online by a young lady about what she is doing to support girls in her community. I was interested in the piece because…

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