Messi unleashes 20-yard thunderbolt against Atletico

…so good that it’s amazing even by his standards

Barcelona was supposed to have some trouble with Atletico Madrid, especially in the first leg of their semifinal tie at the Calderon. But they’re having no issues whatsoever. That’s because they have a guy named Luis Suarez, who is good. Also good: Lionel Messi, who did this.

Sit back and enjoy watching Barcelona’s magician put a spell on this ball; the Argentine, given a yard of space, put the Blaugrana ahead 2-0 in Wednesday’s Copa del Rey trip to Atletico by unloading a thunderbolt that would still have found the net if there were two goalkeepers guarding it.

So, for starters, you’re not supposed to score from there because you’re not supposed to hit the ball that hard. And you’re not supposed to be able to hit it off the inside of the post like that because that’s aim that people aren’t supposed to have. And that swerve? Where did that come from? How did that happen? We’re going to need answers.




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