Nigerians Question the Presidency as President Buhari extend Medical Leave

…Actions fanning Rumour

President Muhammadu Buhari’s media aide, Mr Femi Adesina made series of attempts some days back to allay fears over the health of his principal, who was on a ten-day vacation in the United Kingdom but has not been seen or heard from since his departure since Mid January. But when President Buhari seeks to extend his medical leave due to health related matters yesterday many Nigerians reacted with amazement and disappointment. There were serious reactions from Nigerians on various platform and Public places.

Although they have confirmed that the Buhari not seriously ill and not in the hospital but the presidency is still silence over what exactly President Muhammadu Buhari is suffering from, and his handlers are giving room for suspicion. Why would any serious doctor ask a President of a country in almost a full year economic recession to wait in London just for the result of his tests that can actually be sent to him? Except the President will have to undergo some treatment for an ailment yet to be disclosed there is no valid point waiting for results.

His handlers are not helping matter at all. The secrecy in which the health issue of the president is cloaked will continue to be another height of disservice to Nigerians and President Buhari himself.  When he was leaving Femi Adesina said ‘During the vacation, the President will also undergo routine medical check-ups’. The question one should ask is why is the routine medical check-ups taking atypical duration this time around.                 

If President Buhari is sick, why can’t the Presidency come out with it in plain language?  What are they afraid of?  What’s wrong in telling Nigerians that the President is going for treatment abroad? What good is expected to come out of the secrecy? Can the Acting President Yemi Osibajo act indefinitely for as long as the president is absent from work? When will public office holder stop travelling overseas to receive treatment?

It’s better they didn’t give us information at all or they give us a complete and sensible information. Half information will create doubt and make people request for more. What is the nature of the test that requires that he need to wait to collect the result? Will the test results necessitate a treatment over there? Can he not go and come back to receive such treatment? Why are they doing tests in piecemeal for the President? Why can’t they send the results to him in Nigeria?

‘I’m sure they are not telling us the whole story. I can’t even advice my own patient to wait in the UK just to collect a result when I can easily send the results to him wherever he is. If I were in Buhari’s shoe, I will ask the doctor why he can’t send the report or results to me in Nigeria. I suspect there is a cover up somewhere!’ a doctor insists

Initially, when they announced that he will be going on vacation and he has right to annual leave like everyone of us, they were quick to add that he will use the opportunity to do some check up. Some Nigerians must have suspected the information may be false or half-truth. And the rumour of his death that spread that week is connected to the fact that most Nigerians know that if it were to be ordinary vacation he could have done that in Daura.

The fact that Nigerians are being fed with lies, piecemeal truth or at best half truth about the condition of the president had made some Nigerians to conclude that that it is either the acts of incompetence on the part of the president handlers or the possibility of the Cabal manipulations which is more likely going by the outburst of Aisha Buhari last year.      

A Nigerian on Social Media asked Femi Adesina, ’’You said that we should keep praying for Mr President. How are we gonna be praying when the truth is being hidden from the people he’s leading. There’s no sin in getting sick or doing the test. But does it take an eternity to do test or get test results? If you don’t know that this country is now a laughing stock in front of the international countries. They are watching us and laughing at us. First of all, it was the presidential jets that need maintenance, and now Na test results a whole President of a nation is looking for??? Na WA ooooh’’ Linking this to event that preceded the death of late President Umaru Yar Adua Ifebude Onyebuchi




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