‘Why we’re supporting Obiano for second term’ – Innocent Ofordile

Prince Innocent Ofordile is the President-General of Omambala Youth Forum. In this interview, he speaks on the preparations for the Anambra State governorship poll and the group’s support for Governor Willie Obiano.

What is your assessment of Governor Obiano’s performance in office?

Governor Obiano is  God-sent to Ndi-Anambra. Hence, the reason why he is living up to the expectation of Ndi-Anambra. It is a known fact in the public domain that his administration has recorded tremendous achievements in all sectors of governance, starting from security. It is said that when the righteous is on the throne, the people rejoices. Ndi-Anambra are truly rejoicing for the gift of Obiano to them at this point in time; a man whom his words are his bonds.  During the last 2013 election campaign, Obiano promised to harness the agricultural potential of our beloved state and he has done that within two years and 10 months in office. He pledged to complete all projects started by his predecessor and he did not renege on this promise. Awka as a capital city is now wearing the look of a befitting capital city of Anambra State, courtesy of Governor Obiano administration’s dividends of good governance. The Obiano administration has recorded what can best be described as a milestone achievement in our beloved state and he deserves commendation for such wonderful work  because it is said that “when you praise a human being for doing good, the praises will spur the person to do more.”

What is your view on Governor Obiano’s security initiatives?

Marvelous. Obiano started with security from the inception of his administration because he knew that security is the bedrock of sustainable development and that, without security, there will not be any meaningful development. Ndi-Anambra are currently enjoying the benefit of Governor Obiano’s security initiatives. In Nigeria as at today, Anambra is being referred to as the safest state in our country. So, Obiano has done well in the security sector. Ndi-Anambra has not had it so good like this before.

What is your view on the decision of Tony Nwoye, Chike Obidigbo and Oseloka Obaze to contest the governorship election against Obiano?

Their ambition is dead on arrival because the people of Anambra North are not in support of their inordinate and misguided ambition. They are spoilers and we, the Omambala youths, will not allow them to achieve their devilish plot of spoiling things for Obiano. They are nothing, but jokers.  These set of people you made mention of contested the 2013 governorship election against Obiano and Obiano trounced them. Chike Obidigbo and Oseloka Obaze lost to Obiano at the APGA primary. Tony Nwoye lost to Obiano at the election proper. Mark my words, they will loose again to Obiano. One good thing is that Governor Obiano’s achievement in Anambra State has endeared him to Ndi-Anambra and Ndi-Anambra will use this  election to appreciate his good works.  No sane Anambra  northerner will contest election against Obiano.

The governorship election in Anambra is  gathering momentum. It was rumored that Soludo has joined the APC to contest the election and Soludo swiftly refuted the claim.  Ifeanyi Uba, Andy Ubah, Bath Nwibe, Chinwoke Mbadinuju, George Moghalu and many others have indicated interest to contest against Obiano. What do you have to say to this?

Let me first of all commend Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo for swiftly refuting the rumour of his membership of the PC and governorship ambition. It shows that he is a man of honour that wants equity and fairness to be entrenched in Anambra political system. My promise to him is that this kind gesture to the people of Anambra north will definitely be reciprocated, what our people are saying is that Obiano deserve a 2nd term in office because the people of Anambra central senatorial zone enjoyed 2nd in office through Peter Obi. The reason why I will not support a fresh candidate from Anambra North is because the person will alter the yet to be entrenched zoning arrangement in our beloved state. The only way zoning will be entrenched in Anambra State political system is by allowing Obiano to complete his merited 2nd term in office and after that power will shift to Anambra South. Most of this people you reeled out their names as aspirants in the forthcoming 2017 governorship election participated in the 2013 race and Obiano defeated them. Be rest assured that he will achieve the same feat in this 2017 governorship election against them.

What is your view on those attacking Obiano?

In the meeting we just finished now, Omambala Youth Forum resolved to issue a stern warning to those beating the drums of war because of the forthcoming Governorship election in Anambra, in this regard, am using this medium to tell them to remove the hand of a monkey from a soup pot before it becomes the hand of a human being. Omambala Youth will not take it lightly with anybody that attacks Obiano. He is our father and we will not allow discredited politicians to pocket or disgrace him out of office. We are fully prepared for the forthcoming election and we will use our mobilization strength to return Obiano for a 2nd term in office. We are solidly behind Obiano.

Election is usually marred with violence….

The blame for the violence must be put at the door step of Abuja politicians. They go to the President and feed him with all sorts of lies on a bid to convince him to use Federal might to subvert the democratic will of the people and impose unpopular candidate on them. It happened in Bayelsa and Rivers State, but they met stiff resistance in those states. Ndi-Anambra will resist the use of Federal might to impose unpopular candidate on them. What we want is one man one vote and we will take every legitimate step for our votes to count. All this discredited politicians that defected to APC with the hope of using Federal might to rig the forthcoming Governorship election have Ndi-Anambra to contend with because we will not allow them to achieve their devilish plot.  Anambra witnessed unprecedented qualitative leadership under Obiano administration and Ndi-Anambra will use their vote to appreciate his good works in our state. What we want in Anambra is a peaceful, free and fair election, nobody will be allowed to compromise these three things.



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