Tonto Dikeh’s husband talks reconciliation, access to son

All things being equal, actress Tonto Dikeh and her self-acclaimed once loving estranged husband Oladunni Churchill will be back together as a family.

Churchill revealed this through his spokesman, Paul. He also informed people that he has now being contacting their son King Andre.

Paul on behalf of the businessman and philanthropist said:

“Two adults who have a child together know how to reach each other. These things that fly around, most of it are not true. Most of it never even emanated from the parties involved. Some media outlets sensationalise all these things so they can sell.

So, these issues are not what they are really. If he wants to reach his son, he knows how to. She didn’t say most of those things I’m sure of that.”

When asked if the Tonto Dikeh Foundation and Churchill Foundation are still partners.

Paul said: “The two foundations are not the same and do not pursue the same objectives. Yes, we had things to do together in the past because now we’re focused on agriculture and entrepreneurship and I’m not sure that’s one of the things they’re focused on.”

On moves to reconcile the young family, he said he remains positive about that: “I remain positive.”

Paul spoke further on the couple dramatizing their marital woes, he said:”I will not like to refer to it as a drama because Mr Chairman holds this issue closely to heart and it’s a private family affair. And I will implore Nigerians and the populace to allow private things to remain private.”

On Tonto Dikeh’s allegations of treating STDs, he said: “All the things you are hearing about medical issues and all they are entirely false.”

Also talking about Tonto’s claim the gifts supposedly given to her by Churchill wasn’t,

“The chairman respects the privacy of his family there may be issues and wants to keep things private. I’ll like to put the record straight that many people already know that if you give your wife a gift it remains a gift.”

“Yes, there may be disparaging comments there may be issues but what has been given as a gift remains a gift.

Some people may not be able to control their temper and say things that are not true. We know that these things are not true.”

On domestic violence allegations leveled against Mr Chairman, Paul claimed Churchill said he never laid his hands on Tonto Dikeh.

Churchill was accused by Tonto of not seeing their son since she moved out of their matrimonial home though she agreed she blocked him from calling her.



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